The plot

One thing I forgot to mention in the recent FC post is that after Nabooru’s casting, Impa is the only sage available. If you are interested in her, let us know soon! 🙂 Also, the plot continues this Sunday! Something is going to happen, so if you feel like joining or just watching, come to the Wolfos […]

New FC’s!

Two (or two and a half) FC’s have been casted: Nabooru and Kotake and Koume! Nabooru is played by a pretty new but very talended player, and Kotake and Koume are played by one of our veterans. Make sure to drop by to say hi, congratulate them, and RP with them! =) They are both […]

Welcome Darunia and Kafei!

Two new FC’s have been casted. Make sure to say hi to them and welcome them when you see them! 🙂 We are also in the process of casting a new Romani.  Since Darunia has a new player, Impa and Nabooru are the two only sages left that are available. If you are interested, talk to us […]

Welcome Zelda!

I am pleased to let everybody know that we have a new player for Zelda! She’s a big Zelda fan who is a wonderful artist and writer. I hope she enjoys taking care of our Seventh Sage. 🙂 Make sure that you say hi to her when you see her online!

Welcome Ruto!

As you probably know, we have a new Ruto. Even though she was not familiar with MUCKs, she is an excellent RPer and has done a wonderful job since day one! When you see her, please take a moment to introduce yourself and welcome her. :>


Even though some FC’s are not taken, we might ask for a temporary player for a particular RP session. For example, imagine we need Darunia for a session around Death Mountain but nobody is playing him. In that case, we’ll ask for somebody to play that role for the session. If you think you know […]

This is moving

So the first post is to share the latest news! Lots of FC’s have been casted: Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, Malon, Nabooru, and Saria’s positions have been filled. Everybody else is open, so if you are interested in any of the rest, feel free to talk to Irina or Aubrey for a painless test. Also, Einion […]