Another comic by Mituni :)

  Another funny comic from Mituni. This one with Fallon, Alyon, Mituni, Irina, Kagetora, and Lon Lon! Thanks again, Mituni! =) Click the picture above or follow the jump to see it! 🙂

MUCK Comics

        Here are two comics with some MUCK characters made by our dear Mituni! The second one was based on a crazy OOC conversation, and the first one she made up. =) They include Fallon, Mituni, Nabooru, Irina, Zelda, and Link (oh, and Link the pig.) ;)  Click on the pictures above or hit […]

Now Recruiting!

Ganondorf is looking for bad guys to help him with his evil purposes. 😉 If you are interested, just connect and contact Xu. 🙂

This is moving

So the first post is to share the latest news! Lots of FC’s have been casted: Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, Malon, Nabooru, and Saria’s positions have been filled. Everybody else is open, so if you are interested in any of the rest, feel free to talk to Irina or Aubrey for a painless test. Also, Einion […]