We are back!

After a long hiatus, the MUCK is back, just in a different format. We are no longer using the traditional NMC/TinyMUCK server anymore, for two reasons: a) we were having lots of problems making it work with different types of servers, and b) connecting was a complicated process for new players. We decided to start using Slack. Even though it’s not perfect for RPing yet, it allows for both real-time and asynchronous RP, is very convenient, has a mobile app, and it’s easy to join. You can play on your browser without having to install any tools. 🙂

We are giving Slack a try to see if we can make it work. So far, it’s going great. One of our newest players (@zuzune) has been kind enough to provide us with a ‘look’ command and has many ideas to bring back the old MUCK commands and make it look and feel as close to the original as possible. So, at this point, it is unknown if we will go back to the traditional MUCK tools — it depends on what works best for everybody. 🙂

All the players that were active before the hiatus are back, plus quite a few new ones. We have already RPed a scene with everybody getting back together and it ws very exciting! We will post the log soon.

If you would like to join and take a look at the new place, please follow this link and create a new account with your character’s name:

Click here to join!

Looking forward to new scenes! Dark times are approaching in Hyrule. Join us now and be a part of it! 🙂

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