(This plot covers a little over a year of roleplay. Anything considered a secret/spoiler for any of the characters will not be added here… you will have to join us and find out in-character! 🙂 ) I will get a description up where you can meet the characters who don’t appear in the games, but for now, I hope you enjoy it!

PART I – Link’s poisoning

Our current plot starts when Dark Link captured Irina, waitress of the Crimson Wolfos Inn, and took her to the Shadow Temple. Link and Einion were able to rescue her and bring her back home, but Link was poisoned by Dark Link’s blade.

Thanks to Aekorra the Sheikah, Irina and Xu (Princess Zelda’s adviser and a good friend of Irina’s) learned that this sheikah poison would not kill Link, but it would corrupt his mind and heart until it consumed him and turned him into a shadow. They also learned that there was an antidote, which was a special type of flower. Aekorra did not know where they could find this flower.

Xu, Irina, and Navi, left Link at the Crimson Wolfos under Aubrey’s and Einion’s care, and embarked in an adventure to find the flowers.

The girls decided to ask the Forest Sage. Saria explained that those particular flowers were the same that had been used to create the poison by using dark magic. However, if used with light or water magic, they would dilute the poison and heal Link. For this, they would need either Princess Zelda or Princess Ruto.

However, they first needed to find the flowers. Saria explained that these flowers could only be found in the garden of the Forest Temple. Irina and Xu found out that this was probably what Ganondorf had planned all along: killing them in the Forest Temple while turning Link a shadow.

Knowing the dangers, Xu, Irina, Saria, and Navi crossed the Lost Woods and arrived at the Forest Temple. Xu was able to made them invisible thanks to her magic, but they were not able to hide for too long: when they had almost made it to the garden, they found that Dark Link had been waiting for them and had the intention to kill anybody who tried to get to those flowers…

Luckily, Xu, Irina, and Saria were able to obtain the flowers, even though Saria was injured by Dark Link. He was in a pretty bad shape when the girls left as well, since they managed to get him under the light of day, which was destroying him. Even though Irina had the chance to kill him, she took pity of him and decided to bring him back into the temple. Irina had reasons for this: when she was kidnapped, Dark Link did not completely treat her as an enemy, and actually showed some mercy for her a couple of times. This time, and even though she was sure she shouldn’t have, Irina wanted to return the favor.

After this, Xu and Irina took Saria back home and took care of her wound. After making sure she would be taking care of, they headed for Zora’s Domain to find Princess Ruto.

They were able to find the Princess and informed her of what was going on. Xu, Irina, Ruto, and Navi returned to the Wolfos just to find out that somebody had told Link that the girls had not found the flowers and Link had left. Using a map left in his room, they go look for himand find him hiding in the Deku Tree. But he is not as friendly as he used to… (click here if you want to read the log of this scene.)

Link threatened the girls with arrows from behind a spiderweb, but he did not actually attack them as they kept reminding him of who he was. This gave the girls some hope that he had not turned into a shadow yet, so Princess Ruto and Irina prepared the antidote. Just as they were done, Ganondorf appeared and demanded the antidote. Irina managed to throw it to Link and ask him for help, which did not make Ganondorf very happy. He hurt Irina, made Xu dissapear, and when he was about to poison princess Ruto until she died, Link shot an arrow to his back, which made Ganondorf decide to leave. Link had drank the antidote.

PART II – Dark Link’s betrayal

Here is when things get pretty complicated… 😉

Back at the Crimson Wolfos, Link slowly recovered from the poison while they tried to find a cure for Princess Ruto. However, everybody believed that Xu was dead, and Irina was not recovering from this loss. After a couple of days of agony, something unexpected happened: Dark Link appeared at the door of the Wolfos carrying an unconcious Xu, who had aged many years in just two days.

When Irina asked him why he was returning Xu to them, he mentioned that he wanted freedom, and left.

Once she recovered, Xu seemed to be fine, but explained that Ganondorf had taken her youth and magic powers. Irina was very glad that Xu was “back from the dead”, but extremely confused as to why Dark Link had brought her back.

While Irina was kidnapped in the Shadow Temple, many things happened. Other than Irina realizing that there seemed to be more to Dark Link that what met the eye, a creature was created by Ganondorf — Dark Irina, her shadow. This evil counterpart of Irina, originally created to entertain Dark Link, did not only make Irina’s stay very difficult, but also gave Einion and Link a hard time when they tried to rescue the barmaid.

Wanting to know what Ganondorf was plotting and decided to find out what Dark Link’s real intentions were, Irina disguised herself as her shadow and headed for the Shadow Temple.

The barmaid found Dark Link there, who believed she was Dark Irina told her about the plot. Ganondorf was planning on killing her the next day and, in order to make her believe that Dark Link was on her side, had him return Xu, as Ganondorf believed that Irina had a soft spot for Dark Link, proven by the fact that she had saved his life in the Deku Tree. Ganondorf would kill her and eventually get to Link when he was affected and weakened by her death.

Irina had fooled Dark Link, and as she was leaving, she told him of her real identity and that she would not fall for his plan, for there was no way she was going to trust him. Dark Link was shocked to see who he had just revealed the entire plan to. Irina run back to the Wolfos and told Link and Xu the entire plan.

The next day, however, Irina found a package for her left inside the Wolfos. It was from Dark Link. It included a note, telling her where he would be during the day and asking her to meet him, for he promised he could and wanted to help her. Also in the package was a red vial.

Irina took both things to Xu and Link. Xu, believing that the vial contained her youth stolen by Ganondorf, decided to take the risk and drunk it. It was, indeed, her youth. Xu went back to her old self as soon as she drunk it. After a lot of thinking, Irina and Link decided to go meet Dark Link. Link would stay hidden while Irina would try to find out his intentions.

Link and Irina went to the Lost Woods and found Dark Link, where he explained to Irina that he wanted to return the favor of saving his life, and on top of that, he wished to obtain freedom from Ganondorf and stop being his slave. This, he explain, could only be obtained through Ganondorf’s death, which only Link could achieve. However, since Link was Dark’s enemy by Ganondorf’s choice, Dark would fall under Ganondorf’s control with just seeing him and attempt to kill him, so he cannot even talk to him. For this reason, the only way to get to Link was through a close friend of his – Irina.

Irina, not trusting him, asked him to explain more details about Ganondorf’s plan to kill her. However, as he got into more details, things did not seem to make sense to Irina — nor Dark Link. After some thought, he realized that he had been tested by Ganondorf and Dark Irina to see if he was thinking about betraying Ganondorf; and he had failed the test. As he realized of this, he noticed that Dark Irina had been watching the whole conversation. In that moment, Dark Link and Irina teamed up against Dark Irina: she could not go back with all this information to Ganondorf, or both Dark Link and Irina would be killed. The chase ended up with Dark Link’s hurt by Dark Irina’s arrow, and surprisingly, with Dark Irina dead — by Irina’s arrow.

Even though Dark Irina could not go back to Ganondorf with the confirmation of Dark Link’s betrayal, Dark Link was still going to be summoned by Ganondorf that night to proceed with Irina’s killing. And he could disobey his master’s orders, unless he was unconcious.

Believing that Dark Link had mostly proven his intentions, Irina decided to take Dark Link to Kakariko…

PART III – Freeing Dark Link

Irina took Dark Link to Einion’s smithy in Kakariko. Once they got there, and having heard and seen all what had happened, Link knocked out Dark Link with a rock — making sure he’d be unconcious (and tied up) by the time Ganondorf would call him.

The time of the calling arrived, and luckily Dark Link was unconcious. An unexpected, strong storm proved that Ganondorf was not happy with this result, neither he was with Dark Irina’s death.

Dark Link, Irina, Einion, and Link stayed hidden in Einion’s smithy that night while with Noab (a goron owner of the Crimson Wolfos and old soldier) guarded the door.

They had survived the night, but their problem was not solved. Dark Link was still controlled by Ganondorf, and Ganondorf’s orders would still override his own will. They needed another solution, and Dark Link suggested talking to the seventh sage — Princess Zelda should be able to cut Dark Link’s puppet strings.

After Link talked to her, the princess agreed to meet the group at Lake Hylia. After Dark Link (tied up and blindfolded, so that he would not attack Link when seeing him) agreed to give as much information as he had about Ganondorf in exchange for Princess Zelda’s attempt to give him freedom from Ganondorf. After Dark explained Ganondorf’s plans for the future, the princess performed her spell, which seemed to work and free Dark Link’s bonds from Ganondorf.

However, not trusting the shadow and knowing of all the evils he had done in the past, Dark Link was taken to the castle’s dungeons. The original intention was to have him there until Ganondorf was defeated. However, knowing that it could take months -or years- for that to happen, Irina asked the princess to think of a better solution, for that would be making him a slave just like Ganondorf had before.

Once in the castle, Xu and Zelda decided to ask Rauru, the sage of Light, to put a spell on Dark Link that would destroy him if he ever tried to hurt anybody or if Ganondorf took control of him again. Rauru created a sphere of light that he put into Dark Link’s body, that would be activated by pronouncing certain words. Those words could only be said by a few people.

However, they still did not like the idea of Dark Link running free in Hyrule. So they thought of having somebody watch him, and giving that person the power of activating the enchantment if necessary. Xu thought of somebody who would probably not mind taking that job, and somebody who Dark would probably not mind having around: Irina.

Irina and Link were called to the castle to discuss this. Link did not seem happy about the plan at first due to the possible danger that it implied, but agreed after being told that he, also, would be able to cast the enchantment if necessary.

With Dark Link’s foot still hurt, they decided to take him to the Wolfos. Being watched by Irina and Link, there he is confused by being able to follow his own will instead of Ganondorf’s, and being his own man. In the meantime, Ganondorf is not happy with this and has his own plans…

Ganondorf sent Twinrova to burn down the Crimson Wolfos, and they did. However, they took away Sheik and a Terminian called Kaydin when they were both trying to rescue people from the tavern. The people who used to live there have moved temporarily to Gerudo territory, while those able to help have started a plot to rescue Sheik and Kaydin. Dark Link and a mysterious sheikah found out where to find them, and the sheikah was able to rescue Sheik along with Link.

It looked like things were going fine, until Link and Dark Link had a big fight at the Wolfos. Both decided to leave for a while, and Dark Link is, as of today, still nowhere to be found. Link was gone for two years, until, one day, he appeared at the forest… somehow, having forgotten everything, even his name. A new chapter begins…

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