There are two types of characters you can get: those featured in Zelda games, and original characters that you create. Here is a bit of information for each of those types. Scroll down for a list of available characters from the games.


An original character means that you create the character. You choose the type of character and give him or her a name, age, description, background, side (good, evil, or none), experience, habilities, etc.- These characters are better for new players because they have no requirements of any type.

You can create ANY type of character from any Zelda game. Hylian, Gerudo, Rito, Minish, Twili, Lizalfos, Zora, or any other type, you name it. However, our setting is Hyrule and Termina based on the Ocarina of Time timeline. Your character will have to work in that setting, and you must consider how much roleplay you will get if you want something like Cucco or a Like Like. 😉

There are no time requirements. You can roleplay every day for hours or stay away for a month if you want. Nobody is going to ask you why you are not connecting.

Your character can grow in any direction. Maybe he or she was a good person and decides to join Ganondorf’s forces (or the other way around,) learn magic for some reason, etc. You don’t have to stick to any personality.

You can be as creative as you want, as long as you follow common sense. If you need help or have questions, just come talk to us!


This means playing a character that appeared in one of the games. From Zelda to Darunia, Medli, Tingle, Twinrova, or anybody you can think of.

These characters are good for more experienced players.

You must be willing to connect on a regular basis. We do not have an exact requirement of how often but, if we are doing some big plot and you are involved, we will need you to be there (there is a commitment there, but those are lots of fun…)

You can choose ANY characters from any Zelda games, but our setting is Hyrule and Termina based on the Ocarina of Time timeline. If the character you want does not really match these settings, talk to any of us and we will figure out how to make it work for you.

You have to go through a small roleplay test for that character (painless, I promise.)

The characters have some limitations. You should stick to the character personality shown in the game. It is possible for a character to go in a different direction, as long as it happens for a reason and during the roleplay, but you are not as free as you would with an original character.

The following characters already have a player:

– Link

– Ganondorf

– Dark Link

– Saria

– Rauru

– Mikau

– Darunia

– Nabooru

– Impa

That means that everybody else is available. Also, if you are interested in any particular character, let us know, even if it is taken — just in case we need a new player for him/her at some point. If you have any questions or you need ideas, let us know! 🙂