Here are a few logs, so that you can get an idea of what we do. Please note that these logs do not follow any particular order and might not necessarily show the latest events. They are here to provide you with an example of the RP style. Enjoy and join us, and you might be in the next log! 🙂

Koume and Kotake attack the Crimson Wolfos Inn under Ganondorf’s orders

Party at the Wolfos! (Long session) with music, food, tons of characters participating, and an archery contest with magic arrows! Part 1 / Part 2

Ruto, Irina, Xu, and a poisoned Link against Ganondorf in the Deku Tree

Link, Einion, Xu, and Irina travel through the Terminian mountains to rescue a child

Einion and Concorao talking to the doctor in Lake Hylia to save Princess Ruto

Irina is rescued from Dark Link by Einion and Link

Mikau’s (guitarist of the Indigo-gos) first roleplay!

Nabooru’s Plan. These Gerudo are plotting! 😉

Einion, Seraku, and Irina. Everyday life at the Crimson Wolfos Inn. 🙂.

Shanai an Adrian in Termina’s South Clock Town.

A not-so-happy day at the Crimson Wolfos Inn