Rescuing Sheik

We have been doing a lot of other stuff, but it is time to finally progress on the plot. So, the good guys are going to try to rescue Sheik. It will be next Sunday (August 24th) at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern. This time seems to be OK for all the regular players involved. If […]

Another comic by Mituni :)

  Another funny comic from Mituni. This one with Fallon, Alyon, Mituni, Irina, Kagetora, and Lon Lon! Thanks again, Mituni! =) Click the picture above or follow the jump to see it! 🙂

MUCK Comics

        Here are two comics with some MUCK characters made by our dear Mituni! The second one was based on a crazy OOC conversation, and the first one she made up. =) They include Fallon, Mituni, Nabooru, Irina, Zelda, and Link (oh, and Link the pig.) ;)  Click on the pictures above or hit […]

Today’s RP

Koume and Kotake attack the Crimson Wolfos Inn under Ganondorf’s orders. Click here to read it! Thanks to everybody who participated, it was great! 🙂

The plot

One thing I forgot to mention in the recent FC post is that after Nabooru’s casting, Impa is the only sage available. If you are interested in her, let us know soon! 🙂 Also, the plot continues this Sunday! Something is going to happen, so if you feel like joining or just watching, come to the Wolfos […]

Party Logs!

The log from the party is posted. I had to split it in two because it was really long! But hey, if you have some time and feel curious, here they are: Part 1 Part 2 Enjoy!

New FC’s!

Two (or two and a half) FC’s have been casted: Nabooru and Kotake and Koume! Nabooru is played by a pretty new but very talended player, and Kotake and Koume are played by one of our veterans. Make sure to drop by to say hi, congratulate them, and RP with them! =) They are both […]

Any brawlers?

If you have Super Smash Bros. Brawl, post your friend code as a comment and I will add it to the post and the MOTD. Let’s brawl! Here is what we have so far: Irina/Saria: 1418-6164-5862 Xu/Dark Link/Ganondorf: 3780-8662-3157 Adrial: 0559-6495-7831

Party Time!

For those who don’t know, we are celebrating an IC party tomorrow at the Crimson Wolfos! We should have food, music, and lots of people! It will start at 5pm PST, 8pm EST. (Edit: Sorry guys, I got the EST/PST switched at first!) It should be fun! For those who have not dropped by for […]

Plot Update

Wow! Sorry for not having updated the plot page for so long. There has been some great RP, but exams have taken most of my OOC time. I kind of wrote everything that happened and I have to re-read it and correct any problems/mistakes/misspellings in it (it’s probably confusing right now…) but since so many things […]