Here you have some wallpapers made out of some of my drawings, in case you want to spam your desktop with them. ;) Just click on the resolution you use:

If you would like to see some destop wallpaper based on my drawings that is not here (or a different resolution) just let me know. =)

Zelda and Anime:

800x600 - 58k

1024x768 - 84k

800x600 - 95k

1024x768 - 135k

800x600 - 73k

1024x768 - 81k

800x600 - 48k

1024x768 - 77k

800x600 - 81k

1024x768 - 124k

800x600 - 82k

1024x768 - 129k

The Lion King and meerkat related:

800x600 - 89k

1024x768 - 130k


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