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 Misc Art

I have a million pics that don't fit on any section, so I'll just put a few here. :) Though, if I put here all the Timon & Iago drawings I have I wouldn't have enough space on the Internet... ;) So I'm gonna put a few, I hope you like them! :)

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- This is Pandja, a white lion from African Tails Muck.
- This is um... a squirrel without a name! ;) I created her and drew several poses for a short I was going to participate in, but we never got too far so here she is. :) Maybe I'll use her someday. :)
- As I said, meerkats can be heros too. ;) This is a crossover, with Timon dressed up with Link's clothes and my favorite pose of the Hylian. :)
-Msondo in front of the computer, a drawing based on a real life picture of him. ;)
-Kimya as a Kat in Black! :) I drew this for the KIB page. :)
- Msondo as a Kat in Black. =)
- Starla! A character from Furry Muck. :)
- Ndoto! a cool lion from the Hakuna matata Squad. :) I know it's not too good, but here it is anyway. :) I hope he liked it. :)
-This is a meerkat I drew once at the Madrid Zoo. :)
- Msondo (or Timon, whoever it is ;) playing a videogame! :) It was the real life Msondo playing GoldenEye on his N64 (great game ;) and I caught him again.

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