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- My other websites

- The Lion King

- The Legend of Zelda and Videogames

- Other Anime

<- Heroic and medieval art.. fantasy in general!

 My other websites

  • The real time MMORPG where I spend too much of my time. ;) If you like Zelda and you would like to know what you would do if you lived in Hyrule or Termina, you cannot miss this online game. :) Visit for more info. :)
  • This is a whole website dedicated to Timon, created and mantained by Msondo and I, with a lot of Timon info. In English and Spanish. If you like Timon, you should take a look! :)

  • My Zelda & Anime gallery at, a website where you will find thousands of fantasy/anime fanfics and fanart.

  • My fantasy fanart gallery at, a huge website dedicated to fantasy & sci-fi art. =) All of the drawings I have there are here on the Nursery, though I would really recommend that you visit the website and its artists!


The Lion King

  • Nyanya has a lot of my old drawings on his page. If you are still not bored of them, you should visit him. ;)

  • : Of course, it had to be here... the biggest and most complete website about the movie. They also host the Nursery! I couldn't thank him enough. Thanks Brian!
  • Logozo is a great friend, and one of the best artists I know! =) so go go go, check my mentor's website! ;)
  • Awonderful artist, a beautiful girl, a great friend... It could only be Kenket! =)


The Legend of Zelda and videogames

  • My favorite Zelda Website is Akira Himekawa's, the two artists that draw the official Zelda manga. The best, without competition. :) In japanese.
  • This is my favorite non-oficial Zelda art website. Hauhau has inspired me quite a bit and has a wonderful technique. In japanese too.
  • Miyo has a lot of talent and her art looks almost official! In japanese.

  • Zeldapower is one of my favorite websites to find Zelda info.

  • This is a really cool website where you can find remixed versions of Zelda and other videogame songs. In english this time.

  • Of course, it had to be here! =) It's the only official source of Nintendo info after all. =)

Zelda Blog

  • ZeldaBlog is a really nice fansite to discuss Zelda, created by my good friend The Missing Link, also webmaster of Zelda: The Grand Adventures. You should go visit his sites now! ;)


Other Anime

  • Jagan, one of the best websites out there dedicated to our flying shadow, Hiei. Not only a great design, but also with LOTS of info and quotes from the demon, everything you need to know about him is here.

  • Yesss! This is Ai-chan's website. She is a great artist and one of my best real life friends. :) We share our love for Link, Parn, Van, Hiei... ;) Her website is mostly dedicated to Kinki kids and Fushigi Yuugi. Go see it! =)


Fantasy Websites

  • David Hueso is one of my best friends and also one of the best artists I know. I feel very lucky to know him and he is a big source of inspiration for me. Visiting his website is a must, so go NOW! :)

  • makes you enter in a whole different world. A website with a great design and many drawings that make you want a print of them. Beware, this girl sells prints of her pictures... and since they are so good, some tentations are just too much... :)

  • is one of the best websites to find fantasy illustrations. Besides of the great talent of the author, the mix of fantasy and furries (anthro furries) is very interesting. :)

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