Even though some FC’s are not taken, we might ask for a temporary player for a particular RP session. For example, imagine we need Darunia for a session around Death Mountain but nobody is playing him. In that case, we’ll ask for somebody to play that role for the session. If you think you know the character and are willing to give him a try, then just let us know! 🙂

This does not only applies to global plots, but also to your own character’s plot. If you need to involve an FC that nobody is playing for a session, let one of the staffers know and we’ll post it on the MOTD and here for you. :) 

 I believe this should give everybody a chance to play a character that they might not want to have permanently, but would like to try a different character. Or, who knows? Maybe they will really enjoy it and decide to keep it!

 So keep an eye for any new posts! Let me know if you have any ideas or concerns. :>

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