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Looking for Zelda guest art? Click here. :)

beautiful painting of Msondo and Kimya by Kenket! - Kenket painted this beautiful drawing of Msondo and Kimya for an art trade (her drawing will be the only art in the trade. ;) This is so beautiful Kenket, thank you so much again! One of the best drawings on this website for sure. :) I still owe you the drawing!
Tania's characters - Tania Giacinti, a fellow furry artist, dedicated this great pic of two of her characters, Yal and Can, to us. Great drawing, colouring and expressions... thanks a lot Tania! :)
Merry Christmas from Kenket - An old Christmas pic by Kenket I digged up. =D They are Kimya, Msondo and Chimm... so cute! LOL! :>>
Msondo and Kimya, celebrating! - A very cute and funny drawing from my friend MY2K, to celebrate the 40,000 hits! =) Thank you SO much, I love it!! =)
A very cute drawing of Madomo and Kimya - Another drawing by MY2K! these are Madomo, his character, and Kimya =) Isn't it great?! :D it's so so cute! =D
A drawing of Kimya by Logozo, Jedi Master - Everybody bows... it's one of Logozo's pictures! ;) Here is a really nice sketch of Kimya drawing. Do I really look like that when I draw? X) Thank you very very much, kunkun! ;)
Msondo and Kimya hugging! - Furahi put colour to this very old drawing I made of Msondo and Kimya. Thank you so much, it looks so much better now! :)
A beautiful drawing of a 'kat by Kenket - Wow! It's a couple of sketches of real meerkats that Kenket drew for Mson and me. =)__ thanks a lot!
Timon by Sandra - Sandra Jones sent me a few sketches of Timon and some meerkats. This is one of them! They are very cool, thanks Sandra! =)
Kimya and Msondo - A drawing of Msondo and Kimya by Aladasian! Thanks! I love the drawings you guys send me. :>

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Looking for Zelda guest art? Click here. :)

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