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From this page on, all the guest art is about Zelda, anime and misc guest art. If you are looking for Lion King or furry guest art, click here. :)


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- One of my pics of Saria colored by Akaro. It looks great, thanks! :)
- My friend Rin Kobayashi drew this cool picture of Link for me. =)
- Again by the great Rin Kobayashi!_She drew and colored this really cool picture of Link! Thanks a lot! =)
- And more drawings by the cool Rin Kobayashi aka Mus ;D! What can I say? =) THANKS for so much great art! this is Chibi Link holding a yoyo.. sooo cute! =)
- One of my best friends, Ai-chan, drew this really cool picture of adult Saria using the first 'design' I tried. I didn't completely like my design but Ai-chan improved it to unknown limits... thanks a lot! :D
- Ohhhhh.... my birthday present for 2001. Ai-chan drew Saria and Link for me. Just look at it! =) Isn't it the coolest birthday present? Thank you so much!! =)
-By Patricia, a friend of mine who can draw really good, and she draws a lot! =) Thank you so much! Oops.. Navi caught them. :) She is so nice, drawing pics she knows I will love. ;)
- David Hueso, who has an amazing style, drew this pic for me in the 2002 Anime fair in Leganés. Thanks a lot, we all know you will get very far with your drawings. :)
- Another pic by Patricia, a very romantic scene. Isn't it beautiful? :)
- Patricia drew this scene from Zelda muck, where Navi woke Link up in a bad way... and in that moment, Saria knocked the door. Bad moment, huh? Thanks Patri, I really loved it. :) The other character is Halatir, Patricia's character. She has a few original characters, but he is my favorite. :)

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If you are looking for Lion King or furry guest art, click here. :)

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