so who is this Kimya?

Hi! I am Kimya, a girl whose passion is animation and art. I have been a Timon fan for many years and that encouraged me to get into drawing a bit more seriously. Also because of the Lion King I became a fan of Mike Surrey, Alberto Mieza and Nathan Lane, who put a part of themselves into Timon. The same goes for Shigeru Miyamoto, Akira Himekawa and Nobuyuki Hiyama with respect of my favourite videogame/anime character, Link.

Another passion of mine (as you could see), videogames and anime. I've been working in the videogaming industry for a while, and I hope I never stop. Being surrounded by kids, games, friends and magic is a great experience.

As you probably noticed, some of the characters on this site look almost as the characters from the Lion King ( not so well drawn, of course ;) mostly Msondo, but his personality is so similar to Timon's that I couldn't find a better way to draw him, so I apologize for this detail. :)

I have never taken drawing classes, so when I draw, although I try to learn little by little, I have no technique, but I try to give some feelings and personality to my characters. So don't be surprised if I forget to draw the stripes on Kimya's back, or some of the kits' tails, or something like that... what I think is important when I draw is the expression on their faces. And though most of times I'm not happy with the results, I hope you can feel a little bit what I try to put into them. :)

If you like (or hate) my pictures, please tell me! =) I'm always willing to improve, but just flaming won't help... please be constructive if you don't like them. :) Good opinions encourage me a lot to go on drawing. :) I also love to make new friends and to know other artists or fans.

Alright, I won't bore you anymore, I hope you like the page and I hope some of the drawings can at least make you smile a bit. :)