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Saria and Ruto Chibis :)
The Legend of Zelda

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- A portrait of our Sage of the Forest, Saria! :) Msondo is a big Saria fan and he gave name to this picture, called Aiji Saria. (meaning beloved child).
- A drawing inspired by Record of the Lodoss War. In different worlds, Saria and Link remember when they last saw each other, wishing they could go back to where they only had to worry about finding food and having fun with their best friends. Another old drawing, the construction is really bad, but I like the idea behind it. :)
-These are Navi and Ion (Saria's fairy), or at least how I see them! Color? maybe soon, when I fix the bugs I see in it. X)
- Link doesn't seem to like getting others attention... hey Link, smile, let us take a pic! :) Shy? ^^
- Hiei again, from Yu Yu Hakusho. A colored pic of my favorite Flying Shadow. :)
- Mohan! My favorite character from Level E. He's the prince's younger brother, and in my opinion he would deserve to be the king someday... his brother is too crazy to be one ;)
- The full Link & Saria picture, used as the 12,000 visitors pic. The drawing is very old but the colouring is ok and it was a lot of work, so here it is. :)
- Link sad, because he's leaving his home to become the Hero of Time. The famous scene in the bridge from Ocarina of Time we all know so well. ^_^
- Hiei and Saria with a squirrel. I know this drawing doesn't make any sense, it's a very long story... so I dedicate this drawing to those who can understand it, poor souls with infinite patience. ;) But, I will say something seriously... we miss him, a lot.
- This drawing doesn't need any explanation, right? ;) Adult Link, very mad.

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