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The Legend of Zelda

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- I drew this pics after the first sketches for the Wind Waker were released. It doesn't look that much like the final version now, but here it is. :) I love the WW's cat-eyed style. :)
-Our dear Hiei, a bit younger than we are used to seeing him, with one of his usual expressions on his face. Hmm, maybe he looks a bit too sweet in this one. ;)
- Ruto and Saria as chibis. ^_^
- A drawing of the 8-bit Link, who started to play around with a sword back in 1986... dedicated to all the Zelda purists out there, specially to Msondo. :)
- Sheik, the eternal unknown... or not so much. ;) A dissapointment to some girls I know (LOL), and a shock to the rest of us!
- Link and Aryll, from the Wind Waker. =) My first sketch with this style! :) The game just rules! I definately agree with the aesthetics of this game, it couldn't have been done any other way and get these results. =) Another masterpiece from Miyamoto-san. =)
- This 15-year-old boy is Milo, one of my characters on a RL RPG. :> He's an archer, and a boy of the desert. He's got a very beautiful horse too, called Uma. (original huh? ;)
- A drawing for Logozo, one of my best friends, and also one of the best artists I have ever seen. :> He keeps teasing me all the time, and I made this drawing of Chihiro (Who he loves, from Spirited away :) for him. :D
- Link is the greatest warrior! Don't get him mad. ;)
- The drawing of little Hiei, in color. :)

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