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Karamu eating a bug. Hmmpff -This is Karamu, our camera caught him eating! Bwahaha! Aren't we evil? ;)
Aida and Karamu, Mononoke style ;) -Karamu and Aida, Karamu is trying to get some sense into that scared mind. I based this drawing on a pose I got from a picture from Princess Mononoke. The original pic is here. :) By the way I would really recommend it even if you don't like anime!
Aida and Karamu... don't fall! - Karamu and Aida, they were about to die in a waterfall! be careful next time!
Karamu, sad and desperate. - A little sketch of Karamu sad, and a bit desperate.. he just found out something important.
Karamu and Aida posing! - Karamu and Aida, posing for us in a photograph! look at the Pidgey! ;)
Aida and Karamu, teacher! - Aida and Karamu! She's scary sometimes, don't get fooled by that sweet expression!

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