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A section for Aida

I have drawn so much related to Aida that I thought she deserved her own section. This girl is the leader of the meerkat colony of the Golden Lands, which used to be Nyanya and Balana's Lands. She had a strange past, and is very hard to get to know, so only a few know a little about her. Though she's a pretty outgoing and talkative meerkat, and she loves to have good conversations, don't expect her to talk about herself. :) She welcomes any visitors or new members of her colony. :) Here are some drawings of some situations and characters related to her. Also from the Lion King Muck. :)

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Aida - First Sketch - This is the first sketch I made of her :).
Aida Confused - Aida again, confused. Huh?! maybe after Karamu (another meerkat) said something weird about her. He hates her! ;)
Karamu, the innocent meerkat -Karamu! This meerkat lives in Aida's Kolony... I told you he hated her! ;))
Aida, just laying there :) - Aida, lying on the grass, thinking of who knows what. ;) Like where she hid Karamurr's body. Nah, she's not that mean. ;)
Aida is bored to death. - This is Aida again, bored. :) Her colony is not very crowded, though the meerkats there are pretty friendly. :)
Aida, scared of something... - This is a sketch I made of Aida, she's scared for some reason, maybe a lion was trying to eat her for being too rude. ;) She can get in trouble too easily.
Karamu and Msondo, trying to solve an important matter... - These are Msondo and Karamu. Karamu is a wise meerkat and Msondo was asking him for help on the purple fruit matter. This is is a drawing I need to complete, because Nyanya and Balana were there too. :)
Aida, worried, scared, surprised? - This is Aida, with her usual look... maybe worried, maybe scared, maybe surprised. You can never tell what she could be thinking about, but that's what makes her interesting...
Aida and Karamu, the eternal love/hate relationship - Aida and Karamu. She hides too much, even her face. Karamu tries to see what's behind her eyes... and her headfur. ;)
Aida... smiling?! - A little drawing of Aida smiling. The drawing is not good and she doesn't look too much like herself but take a look at this, you won't see her smiling very often. ;)

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