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Aida, mwahaha - A pic of Aida I drew in a class. This is her usual smile, it's s a mix between a mischievous smirk and a kittish suspicious smile. Confusing? that's Aida. ;)
Aida and Chimm are not cute! - Aida and Chimm, a cool girlkit who lives in the colony with them. (I know she's weird, but ask her player! <wink ;> this drawing just comes to prove that they don't like being called cute!
Aida, remembering how annoying the rest of the world is to her. - Aida's portrait, with her suspicious annoyed look. If she looks at you this way, be careful... ;)
Aida as a baby! - Balana, Aida and Aida's father (I don't know his name yet ;). Aida and Balana were good friends where they were little, here is a scene from the first time they met each other. :)
- Another little drawing of Aida I drew on some notes. ;) She's got a small but sincere smile, but she doesn't want to show it too much. ;)
Aida is Karamu's Jane! - Another portrait of Aida. ;) I stole her expression from a pic of Jane, from Tarzan. I love to try to give other's expressions to my characters =) She's annoyed, hope you like it :) The original pic of Jane is here. :)
Karamu and Aida, just like Bug's Life -Aida and Karamu. I stole the expression on their faces, I just couldn't resist. They are too much like the original characters.. well, except for the end of the movie! ;) From A Bug's Life. :) The original pic of Atta & Flik is here. :)
Aida and Karamu... don't do it! - Aida and Karamu. Aida's life hasn't been easy... and after trying to fight the demons of her past, she felt so bad that in a moment of rage she decided to kill herself. By luck Karamu was there, trying to help her when she thought everything was lost... a moment full of rage and mixed emotions.
Aida Mix! - A few random expressions I drew for Aida in some class. :)
Aida and Kimya ATM. - We all hate comparisons, but I couldn't resist. :) These are Aida, from TLKMuck, and Kimya from ATMuck, similar situations but different reactions. Through the looks in their faces and their poses I tried to reflect how different their personalities are.

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