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African Tails Muck Art


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- Rodka and Kimya, Rodka is encouraging Kim to forget her scares and try to follow her heart, because you have to live the moment...
- An old pic I drew when Fugazi was a kit. Her brother Danzig had left, and we were very sad... this kit didn't have an easy kithood... Sorry for the poor quality of this pic, I took it with a camera when I couldn't use a scanner... and I can't rescan it. ;P
- So I guess this is the final 'standard' design for Kimya. (well except for the flower. ;) I'm pretty sure you have seen her face changing a little with the time. Well, I think this is the final design of how I want her face to look. :)
- This is a colored version of the same drawing, colored by Tarka. He did a great job! =) Thanks!
-Danzig and Kimya again, Danz is about to pounce Kim to tickle her! Kim is just too ticklish! :)
- A strange cross-over: Kimya, Tarwen (the little kit) and Danzig from ATMuck, and on the other side Kimya and Msondo from TLKMuck. :)
- We all hate comparisons, but I couldn't resist. :) These are Aida, from TLKMuck, and Kimya from ATMuck, on similar situations but different reactions. Through the looks in their faces and their poses I tried to reflect how different their personalities are.
- Danzig and Kimya. He was hiding something and denying it, and Kimya didn't believe him...
- Fugazi and Kimya. Fuggy was already an adolescent, but she was still having very bad moments. She didn't only have a difficult childhood. For Kim, Fugazi will continue being the kit she has loved the most (maybe for that reason), and they still are very good friend and confidants...
- This Danzig... Kepwa and him got a really bad sickness that drove them half crazy! Danzig threw himself off a little waterfall. He lost his concience and almost his life... just like Kimya trying to save him. Luckily they were both ok afterwards...

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