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African Tails Muck

Don't get it wrong! :) Although Kimya looks the same and has the same name, she was a completely different character on African Tails Muck. I am not there anymore, but I used to live there in the meerkat colony of the Starlight Lands. Af first I used to be a babysitter as well, but then my "job" changed... though I lived happily with my friends in the colony. Here are some drawings of friends and situations we lived together, hope you like them! :)


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- Kimya was really desperate, trying to talk to Danzig. There was something really worrying him, but he wouldn't even talk about it...
- When Fugazi was a kit, she loved to go visit Timon and Pumbaa... even when they were asleep! Poor Kimya, trying to stop her...

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