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African Tails Muck

Don't get it wrong! :) Although Kimya looks the same and has the same name, she was a completely different character on African Tails Muck. I am not there anymore, but I used to live there in the meerkat colony of the Starlight Lands. Af first I used to be a babysitter as well, but then my "job" changed... though I lived happily with my friends in the colony. Here are some drawings of friends and situations we lived together, hope you like them! :)

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- This is Fugazi. I used to take care of her when she was a kit, but now she's grown up! Here she is as an adolescent. She used to be a very crazy kit. ;)
- These are Danzig (Fugazi's older brother) and Kimya, they wanted to take a bath in the beach but the water was too cold for her... ;) Hmm, I don't like Danzig in this drawing, he actually looks much better. :)
- This is Mieza, a little cub friend of mine. :) She's a very happy and innocent cub, though her curiosity sometimes makes her get in trouble. ;)
- These are Rodka, Danzig and Kimya. Rodka was teaching Kim how to massage somebody's shoulders, and we were practicing on Danzig, who loved the idea. ;)
- These are Danzig and Kim. They are very good friends, even in the bad moments.
- Danz and Kim again! Kim hurt her knee so Danz had to carry her around... but it was funnier this way. ;)
- Kimya and Danzig. Again. ;> Danzig was sick, he went crazy and he almost died. Kim took care of him, though it was very hard sometimes.
- Doesn't everybody like Grease? ;) Here you have Sandy, Rizzo and Danny... I'm sure their players agree with me that our personalities fit these characters... ;)
- I had only showed this pic to Rodka. It's the first sketch I drew of her, I thought I could share it with everybody. :)
- Danzig and Kimya, their relationship is very weird... friendship? something else? This is a drawing of a great roleplaying situation, where Danzig wanted to know what was in Kim's heart... sadly she was too confused and scared to know.

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