Ok, legal stuff and directions. ;)

Most of the drawings and characters on this website are copyrighted by me (or their players) so, if you want to use them, please let me know. Do not alter or repost them.  If you want to color or use any of them I'll be pleased to help, but tell me first (or after you color it if that's what you want ;). I know they are not good, but they are mine, and they take many hours to make. :)

I've seen some people reposting my pics and saying they were theirs, well.. I feel flattered, but they are not. ^_^ This is my only website with drawings. So, unless a website is on my links page and I say so, it's not mine. Uh... thanks for the advertising, though. ;)

If you want to use any of the pictures (on this website ;) made by other artists, just email me and I will get you in contact with them. I'm sure they will be as pleased to help as I would, and also happy to know you like their pictures. :)

The Lion King and The Legend of Zelda are (c) Disney and Nintendo respectively. This website is not related in any way to those or other companies so please, Nintendo, Disney, don't sue me. I'm just sort of advertising your magnificent movies/games, and anyway, I wouldn't be worth your time...


So many people to thank! So here, I'll try to mention them all! Thanks...

To all, a HUG and a bug! *squeezes you all* =) Thanks!! This page is dedicated to all of you, with no exception! :)

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