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Triforce MUCK

On this page you will find drawings of my character from Triforce Muck, Irina, and all her friends and enemies... I hope I can show how much fun we have there. :> Irina left her home, Calatia, and decided to go to Hyrule, dreaming of becoming a great painter someday. She works at the Crimson Wolfos, an inn in the middle of Hyrule Field, where she will stay until she can live off her drawings. However, she didn't expect that she would find a lot more problems and adventures in Hyrule than she expected...


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Irina's first portrait - Here is the barmaid! I hope you like her! this drawing is dedicated to my very good friend David, who inspired this drawing with his beautiful RP. :)
Irina, profile -Irina, her profile, when I was trying to establish her proportions and construction correctly first. :)
Dreamy Irina - Irina and Navi, and Irina's ring underneath. This ring Irina always wears is not a normal ring, there is a very interesting story behind it...
Typical anime drawing of Irina ;) - This is the typical, must-have anime pose, right? ;)
Irina, looking out the rainy window - Irina again. I fixed the mistakes I didn't like from the original drawing, and this one might end up in color. :) She's sad, remembering her home... and wondering if everybody is ok in this rainy night...
Irina drawing a squirrel! :) - Irina loves to paint, and she hopes to become a real artist someday. This time, the star is... a squirrel. ^_^
Irina and Navi, having fun! :) - In a trip she took to Death Mountain, guided by Navi.=)
Irina's dad is not a simple man... - I am working on a manga based on Irina's story, starting from the day she left her hometown, Calatia. I needed some sketches of the characters I will use, so this is a very quick sketch of her dad. :)
Irina's mom, sweet and caring. - And another very quick sketch of Irina's mom for the manga. :)
Irina's brother, Erik. - Irina's little brother, Erik. Also for the manga. :)

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