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Irina and Xu! :)

Triforce MUCK

On this page you will find drawings of my character from Triforce Muck, Irina, and all her friends and enemies... I hope I can show how much fun we have there. :> Irina left her home, Calatia, and decided to go to Hyrule, dreaming of becoming a great painter someday. She works at the Crimson Wolfos, an inn in the middle of Hyrule Field, where she will stay until she can live off her drawings. However, she didn't expect that she would find a lot more problems and adventures in Hyrule than she expected...


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Irina and her friend Deccus - This is Irina with her good friend Deccus! I hope his player liked the drawing! :D
Irina as a child - Here is little Irina when she was 8-9 years old. Yes, there will be flashbacks in the manga, so I needed a small version of her. :>
Sesshomaru? No, Lestat! ;) - Lestat is a very good friend of Irina. Here is a portrait I made of him for the RPG some players from Triforce MUCK are working on. Inuyasha fans will recognice where he got the look for his char from, right? His look might be the same, but his personality is definitely very different... :) I hope his player liked this. :)
We caught Irina drawing! :) - Irina was caught drawing next to the Crimson Wolfos! :) Maybe because that's what she likes to do the most in her spare time.
Irina coming back from Lon Lon Ranch :) - Experimenting with my new drawing tablet (thanks, Msondo!). Irina coming back from Lon Lon Ranch, taking some eggs to the Crimson Wolfos. Does it look like it was done using only a quick brush? Good, that's exactly what I wanted. :)
Irina and Link - Irina and Link in one of their trips to the Zora domain. The waterfalls and scenery make it a heavenly place. :)
Irina, with a broken heart as shattered glass... - Irina sitting on the roof of the Crimson Wolfos. All her dreams for Hyrule have faded away and she feels lost. I got inspired by a song by Heather Alexander called Shattered Glass. The song goes "Land of dreams, now shattered glass..." I thought it was perfect for her situation. If I can fix it ok and I like it, it might end up in color. :)
Irina, a drawing colored for an RPG dedicated to Triforce MUCK. :) - Aubrey and some of other members of the staff from Triforce MUCK are working on an RPG game based on the characters of the MUCK. Since I am (slowly) drawing the chars for it, here is my drawing for Irina's character. It's a pretty old drawing that you might have seen here in black and white. Here is the final drawing in color. :)
Navi gives Irina some not-very-good news... - Navi comes quickly to deliver some surprising news to Irina...
Link and Irina, discussing different types of Heroes out there... - When Irina first met Link and found out who he was, they had a nice conversation where she got to see the Triforce on his hand for the first time, and also when they discussed the different types of heroes out there.
Irina, enjoying the soft breeze of Hyrule - Typical anime drawing, right? Irina enjoying the soft breeze of Hyrule Field.
Irina, out to Hyrule Field in a dark night... - It was a very rainy night and Irina needed some help to save her friend Lestat's life.  She wrapped herself in her old cloak and run out of the Crimson Wolfos, the tavern/inn she works at, and into the dark Hyrule Field...

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