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Here you will find info about the following...

- So what's a MUCK?

- How can I take a look at them, and maybe join?

- Who are these characters you talk about?

So let's start :D

So what is a MUCK?

Basically, a MUCK is a real-time, text-based Roleplaying game. But, don't get scared! Here, there are no dice or levels for the characters. It is not difficult to play, neither does it require you to learn tons of commands nor having any special ability. It is basically being an actor and interacting with the other characters. That is all! And well, if you are a dice-and-level type person, you will enjoy it too! Being easy to play doesn't mean your character will be limited in any way. :>

Within some time, you will get very used to whatever personality you have chosen for your character, and maybe create some great story as they grow up or experience things. Enjoyed The Legend of Zelda and you would love to be a knight in Hyrule? Did you like the Lion King and you would like to see what you would do if you were an animal in the savannah? You will have lots of fun learning what you would do if you lived in that world! The only limit is your imagination. :)

Where can I find these MUCKs?

Are you curious? You can visit them and take a look, or maybe, if you want, get a character. To connect to them, click on the addresses below:

For the Lion King MUCK, click here: telnet://muck.tlkmuck.org:7675 or visit their website.

For Triforce MUCK, click here telnet://muck.mudora.com:4201 or visit our website.

Visit them and ask around, everybody there is very nice and will be pleased to help you. You can watch some people Roleplay to get an idea of how it works. :)

Your computer should be able to access via Telnet without any problems, by just clicking on the links above, though, if you want a easier to use and more user-friendly program, you can download Mushclient at http://www.mushclient.com. There are a few others, but this is the one I use and I highly recommend it. :)

For any further information regarding MUCKs, go to the MUCKs' websites, or just write me here.

Still confused? Want some examples? Take a look at some of my characters.

My characters

This website is dedicated to some my characters on Several MUCKs.

- Kimya, one of my characters on The Lion King MUCK, is a meerkat. Meerkats have different roles, and Kimya is a babysitter. (That's why this website is called the Nursery! :) Here, I try to capture some moments of her life with my drawings. Her friends, family or any other situation.

- Aida, another character from the Lion King MUCK, is the Golden Lands meerkat colony leader. With a very hard past, but lately her life is getting much better! and Kimya (a different character, just the same name!) from African Tails MUCK, a place where I don't participate anymore, but where I spent great moments. Kimya ended up becoming a colony leader.. without even wanting. :>

- Saria, from The Legend of Zelda, who I Roleplay on two MUCKs.. Triforce MUCK, and the no-named Zelda MUCK I run (even though it is dead at the moment ;) ). If you have played The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, you surely know who she is! It is an honour for me to RP my favourite character from the game. :>

- Irina, my other character on Triforce MUCK. She arrived to Hyrule from Calatia, her hometown. She left her home to become a painter. Meanwhile, she found a job in Hyrule as a waitress in a tavern/inn called The Crimson Wolfos. She has found some very good friends in Hyrule and is having a lot of fun (and many problems sometimes!) A very, very inspiring character.

I hope you can get an idea of what you might find in these places, the possibilities are limitless. You only need to follow your common sense about what your character would or wouldn't do, and be creative! =) Give them a shot, you'll love them :)

Again, for more info just visit their websites or email me here. Enjoy! :)


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