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The COLOR Section!


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Alright! :) On this section you'll find some pictures I've coloured, either with my computer, or with color pencils. :) Even though I don't like colouring that much, I prefer focusing on the drawings, here is what I do when I get bored. I collected some of them from the other sections, so don't be surprised if you see some TLK, Zelda, anime or miscellaneous pics here. :)

-This is just a drawing I made long time ago. It is Timon wearing Clopin's clothes (from the Hunchback of Notre Dame). I drew it because I like Clopin a lot, maybe because he, just like Timon, was designed by (IMHO) Disney's best animator, Mike Surrey.
- I drew this pic for the main page in the Nursery a few years ago, for Xmas. :)
-LOL, this is so old! :) This is one of the first drawings of Timon I made, and I made it pixel by pixel with my mouse and PaintBrush on the computer. It took me a lot of time but hey... I was so proud of it ;))
-This is the colored version of San's portrait. Coloured with Photoshop. The background is not mine, but the rest is :)
- This is a very old drawing of Simba.. I wanted to put some old drawings here. :) I have over a hundred of old drawings like this one, but they are not good, so I'll just choose a few :)
- A drawing of Iago and Timon I made for a special ocasion. :)
- Another drawing of Simba, laughing.
- I've always been a Mario (more of a Luigi ;) fan! This is a pic I drew of them when I was... 13 or so?
- I colored this drawing of Kimya because I wanted to choose the colours for her. :) I called this drawing Kimcob because I drew it in a Cobol class and I was very bored ;)
- Iago again! another very old drawing. :) Along with Timon, he's my favorite Disney character. :)

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