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Chibi Hiei


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-Msondo laying on the floor. His player posed for this ^_^
- Iago scared.. who knows what he was plotting... ;)
- Saria caught taking a bath in a river. :) The background is not mine, it's a real photo! ^_^
- Saria dressed up for a party. Another try to draw an adult Saria that I discarded afterwards. Still experimenting with my designs, I wait for your opinion. :)
- The kokiri emerald! Also known as the Spiritual Stone of the Forest, from Zelda, Ocarina of Time. :) This picture is dedicated to Msondo, for giving me the best inspiration for this picture.
- A portrait of our Sage of the Forest, Saria! :) Msondo is a big Saria fan and he gave name to this picture, called Aiji Saria. (Aiji means beloved child).
- Link doesn't seem to like getting others attention... hey Link, smile, let us take a pic! :) Shy? ^^ Hmmm... Maybe he did something wrong!... what are you hiding behind your back? ;)
- Hiei again, from Yu Yu Hakusho. A colored pic of my favorite Flying Shadow. :)
- Mohan! My favorite character from Level E. He's the prince's younger brother, and in my opinion he would deserve to be the king someday... his brother is too crazy to be one ;)
- The full Link & Saria picture used as the 12,000 visitors pic. :) Now I look back at it and don't like it, but it was a lot of work so here it is ;)

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