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- Link sad, because he's leaving his home to become the Hero of Time. The famous scene in the bridge from Ocarina of Time we all know so well. ^_^
-This is a parody of the movie Amélie, my favourite non-animated movie. Aida is evil!! ;)
- A drawing of Simba um... hunting. ;) This drawing is dedicated to my good friends Olga and David. :)
- Link for Nintendo GameCube! His first cat-eyed style, but it doesn't look so much like the final version. Used for the 22,222 hits picture. :)
- A drawing for a great couple, future mommy and daddy... congratulations! =)
- Mson kissing Kimya... *mwack!* :)
- Mson and Kim... doesn't this pic look like a CD cover? :)
- The drawing of little Hiei, in color :)
- Link mad, even a bit hurt. Don't make the Hero of Time mad! I made a couple of desktop wallpapers out of this pic, so if you want to take a look at them just click here. :)
- Definitely, one of my favourite games. :) The Wind Waker is a masterpiece, and I recommend it to everybody... go play it if you haven't yet! :D THANKS to Logozo again for his good advice with this pic.  You are my mentor, dear tortoise. =>

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