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Saria and Ruto Chibis :)


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RPG Link - Triforce MUCK - Another drawing of Link, I made this one for a RPG game some friends from Triforce MUCK and I are working on. :)
Kimya and Msondo getting married! - Msondo and Kimya getting married! this drawing was a request from Mson. And he doesn't make too many, so I hope he liked it! :D
Happy Easter! - My drawing for Easter 2004. Link, Msondo and Kimya are eating some chocolate Easter eggs! :9 Thanks to Logozo for all his time, help and advice. *hug*
Dartacan and the three Musketeers - Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds! An homage to the TV show that was one of my favourites when I was a kid. :)
Nayru, goddess of Wisdom - For the 100,000 hits picture I decided to have something different. :) And here it was! A bit of an abstract picture of Nayru, Goddess of Wisdom. :)
 Oracle of Seasons / Ages Link - This is an Oracle of Seasons / Ages that I drew with my new colored pencils. A big hug goes to Msondo for the background! :)
Link and Saria, Wind Waker style - My drawing of Link and Saria in Wind Waker style, now in color. I call it Forest Children. With it, we celebrated 125,000 hits. Thanks again!  :)
Msondo as a meerkat :) - A drawing I made for Msondo based on a real life photo of him. To see the photo it is based on, please click here.
Kimya with a motorcycle helmet - A drawing for my friend Exuperio, who wanted to put it on his motorcycle helmet. :) I hope he likes it!
Super Mario answering the phone - Mario answering the phone! Who is it? :>

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