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- Another great drawing from a very good friend, David Hueso! Saria drinking tea! => I love this picture. Thank you so much! =)
- Teepo drew a few pictures of Link, Saria and Ruto for me. Thank you very much, they are very beautiful =)
- And another drawing by Patricia! =) It's little Link with Ganondorf, and this time in color! Thanks!! =)
- David Hueso's drawing of Saria beautifully coloured by Eiki/Jana :D , one of my best friends, and a great RPer! Thank you very much! =)
- My friend Deccus coloured one of my drawings of Irina and Navi, and it looks great! :D Thanks thanks Deccus! =) Thanks for the pic, and for so much good RP! :>
- A great drawing by my great friend Ai-chan... thanks thanks! :D
- Another drawing by David Hueso, a beautiful drawing of Saria! His style is just wonderful. :)
- My friend Deccus coloured this drawing I made of Irina, and it looks so beautiful! Thank you so much!
- The great Logozo drew this funny pic of Link for me. He's going to kill me when he finds out it's here. Sorry Loggy, I just couldn't help it, it's crazy. ;))
- David Hueso is back with another very beautiful drawing of adult Saria... keep drawing, my friend. :D_

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