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Here is the real talent... other artists! ;) I am posting here either coloured versions of drawings I made or pics other artists have made for me. I want to send a big hug to all these great artists! *pounces and hugs them all* I sincerely feel very honoured! :) If you are looking for Lion King and furry guest art, click here. :)


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- My good friend MY2K drew this beautiful picture of me in a dress! It's me getting married! :D Thank you so much! Thanks thanks! :)
- Janine sent me this really nice pic of her character, Kevin Iotenga. Thank you! :>
the clam man - Hmm... I don't know. Mson drew this clam man wearing a Santa Claus hat at Starbucks for me. I think we had seen somebody dressed up like that a few minutes earlier. And anything that anybody draws for me deserves to be here! (sorry, Mson ;)
Link with a bunch of flowers! Who are they for? :> - Another drawing by my good friend Laura, who made this right before I left Spain not too long ago. She did this to wish me good luck, and I believe it worked! Good luck in Japan too, my good friend! You deserve it. Thanks for the drawing -- and for the flowers on it! :)
Dragon Ball Z -- by Michael - Michael, my cousin in law ;) drew this for me. He is very young, but he is a very talented boy. I really hope he keeps on drawing, because he gets better and better. Thanks so much, Michael! =)
This is Andrew, drawn by himself! - And here is Andrew (another cousin in law of mine :)  drawing a self-portrait! I love the drawing, thanks so much, Andrew. :D
A very cute drawing of Wind Waker Link, by Kotori Chan. :) - My good friends Belén and Carlos went to buy Love Hina for me (thanks again, Mson and I love it) and they found Kotori-Chan at the store. She did not know any of us, but somehow she found out I was a big Zelda fan and drew this for me on the wrapping paper! She's very nice, and the drawing is so cute!! Thanks, that's so kind of you!
Goku, drawn by Michael - Another great drawing by Michael! Here is a great drawing of Goku. Thank you very much, Michael. I really appreciate you taking the time to draw so much for me. *hug* :)
Link sleeping, so cute. :) - A very cute drawing of Link sleeping that Laura drew for me. Thanks!!
Link as a warrior, by Luc Derks - My friend Luc Derks drew this Link picture for me. I think he's coloring it too... I can't wait! Thank you, it's great! 

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