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- My favorite drawing from Patricia, a pic of Link with his Master Sword, and another one with Link hugging Saria. Surprised, Saria?
- Believe it or not, this is not a photograph! Marco Salas painted this amazing picture of Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins (my favorite band), and he gave it to me! :D Aren't I lucky? => I'm speechless...
- Several sketches, also by Patricia. :) One of my favorites is that one with Link sitting on the tree, and Saria mad... I wonder why, and I wonder why he doesn't want to get down ;)
- My friend Ali drew this pic of... me! *^_^* thanks a lot, Ali! it looks much better than the original. ^_^ Thanks so much. :)
- My good friend David Hueso drew this beautiful Zelda pic for me. (and the rest of us think we are artists?!) I feel very proud to have a couple of his pics on my wall. :) Thanks a lot again, hope to see you again very soon, friend. :)
- A great drawing from Ai-chan! I know she will kill me when she sees I put this here. She drew it on a napkin at Rodilla, a restaurant we like. ;) Hey Ai, I love it, I had to put it here! ;)
- Patricia is back! :) this great artist drew a couple of pics for me on New Years eve, but I think nobody is going to understand this one! ;) A couple of sketches of chibi Link, Hiei and Saria. It is a very long story from Zelda MUCK, but it had to be here! Thanks Patri, they are very cute ;)
- Another pic from Patricia! =) Several sketches of Link. Thank you very much Patri, I will never get tired of seeing more of your great art.=)
- A very beautiful drawing of the Wind Waker, sent in by Kristhian. Thank you very much, I love it! =>
- More pics from Patricia! =) What a pirannah, poor Link! :D

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