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Here is the real talent... other artists! ;) I am posting here either coloured versions of drawings I made or pics other artists have made for me. I want to send a big hug to all these great artists! *pounces and hugs them all* I sincerely feel very honoured! :) If you are looking for Lion King and furry guest art, click here. :)


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Link with an orc :o - Agustín, one of my best RL friends, loves to draw orcs (or any type of monster) torturing anything I like. ;) This is a drawing of an orc beating Link up. But don't worry, this is just the first round. As we all know, Link will be the winner in the end. ;)
Link, by Laura - A very nice drawing that Laura drew for me in five minutes while we were riding on Madrid's subway. He is wearing a t-shirt he wore in the official Link to the Past manga, I believe. It's so nice, Laura :D
Hiei, by Luc Derks - Another drawing by Luc Derks. He knows I like Hiei and drew this for me. I love the way he colored it! Thanks so much, Luc!!
Link in color, by Luc Derks - Luc Derks colored his picture of Link! it turned out beautiful!
A Twilight Princess Poster, by Luc Derks - A Twilight Princess poster that Luc Derks drew for me. Thanks so much! =)

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