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The Lion King Muck Art

  This is me, Kimya! :) I'm a meerkat, and I live in a nursery... but why a nursery? As you probably know, meerkats have different roles, some are guards, hunters, or kitsitters, like me! :) I take care of meerkat kits along with my mate Msondo, he's the one behind me on the picture! Here you will find some drawings I made. Most of them are portraits or situations we have been envolved in, either with our family, or with our friends Nyanya, Balana, and some other lions. :) We have gone through many good and bad things, and I wanted to put some of them onto paper. We have lived all these situations on The Lion King Muck. :)

Here are the drawings:

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One of my first drawings of myself. :) I'm lying on the ground, dreaming about something, as always. :)
- This is my family! This is a normal day at the Nursery ;) From left to right, the kits are Mavu, Timka, Matani, Busa and Asy. We are very busy. ;)
- Mson asking Kimya to be his mate. Romantic, huh?  :)
-Msondo and I after saying 'I do', the same day. :)
-Same day. Nyanya, Msondo and I. Mson was telling the lion we had become mates. :)
- A lithograph (hehe ;) I made for Msondo in our anniversary. Happy anniversary! :)
- This is me, very mad at other meerkat who hurt Msondo. I never get mad, but I would give my life for my family and friends if I had to...
- This are Nyanya, Balana and me the day I found a purple fruit that had a very weird effect on me...
-Same day. I'm eating the fruit without knowing the consequences it would bring... but yum... ;)
- This is a little animated GIF of Msondo and Kimya dancing that I made for our Timon page. :) It's not too good, but it's my first one... I'm just trying. :)

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