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The Lion King Muck Art


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- Kimya and Msondo, Mson is giving her a kiss. *Mwack!!* =)

- Starting with some old sketches. This is a sketch I doubt anybody has seen until now. It's Kimya and Msondo, hugging each other. I discarded this drawing because Kim is too small in this pic, but maybe you'd like to take a look, she looks happy. :).
- This is a little drawing of Kimya I drew in a boring class. ;) She's laying on the ground, smelling the flower Msondo gave to her to ask her as his mate. :)
-Msondo, thoughtful. Yeah, no more comments. ;)
- A pic of Balana and her grandfather, Siombe, lying under the sun. (lazyyy! ;)
- A portrait of the whole group of friends! :) From left to right, the lions are Simbayo, Balana, Mtunga, Nyanya and then going down is Flaje, the spider, and the meerkats are Asyah, (the kit), Msondo and I. :)
- Once, Nyanya lost his memory and he didn't want to see Balana. Bal was very hurt, and he gave Nyanya a flower he had given her, to try to make him get his memory back. Here you have Balana, Nyanya, Msondo and Kimya in that moment.
- Aaah!! Msondo singing! It's not that he sings really bad, it's just that he's too loud! er... I think Nyanya, Balana and Kim's looks say it all. ;)
- A family portrait, where our kits were little. :) From left to right, the kits are Asyah (a bit older :), Matani (when she was a kit she was obssessed with berries ;) and the three boys, Timka, Busa and Nyamavu.
- From left to right, Simbayo, Balana, Mtunga and Nyanya. Balana felt forced to choose between her mate, Simbayo, or Nyanya. So she chose noone. The little mudball... er, I mean kat, is Msondo, who had been playing earlier throwing mud to her mate, and he left pawprints on the lions afterwards. ;)

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