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The Lion King Muck Art


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- Msondo and I love to go with Nyanya for a walk. :) Yeah, I used to draw meerkats very small by this time for no reason <grins> sorry, I draw them bigger now. :)

- These are Msondo and I, leaning on each other. :)
- This is me, scared, watching a fight in the waterhole from Nyanya's head. Nya scanned it too fast, I couldn't even finish this drawing.. And he looks so ugly here! hehe, it's one of the first drawings I did.:)
- One day, Balana and Kim were talking on Pride Rock, after Kim was feeling very bad.. and they realized she was going to be a mommy! :)
- A strange cross-over, Kimya, Tarwen (the little kit) and Danzig from ATMuck, and on the other side Kimya and Msondo from TLKMuck. :)
- Nyanya was leaving for a training, and Msondo and I were very sad. This is the moment when we said good bye to him.
- Nyanya, Kimya and Msondo the day I found the cub. Mson... can we keep him? He's so cute and all alone... ;) Mson was very surprised, seeing her coming home with a predator. ;)
- Wake up!! ;) Msondo, Kimya and Matani are asleep, and Nyamavu comes to wake them up. ;) I should call this drawing "To Sheila", because it's the song that inspired me about the expression on the kats' faces. :).
- Kimya and Msondo, talking at the nursery. :) A very old drawing, one of my first of them. :)
- Another old picture... the happy couple nuzzling each other. :)

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