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The Lion King muck art

  This is me, Kimya! :) I'm a meerkat, and I live in a nursery... but why a nursery? As you probably know, meerkats have different roles, some are guards, hunters, or kitsitters, like me! :) I take care of meerkat kits along with my mate Msondo, he's the one behind me on the picture! Here you will find some drawings I made. Most of them are portraits or situations we have been envolved in, either with our family, or with our friends Nyanya, Balana, and some other lions. :) We have gone through many good and bad things, and I wanted to put some of them onto paper. We have lived all these situations on The Lion King Muck. :)


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Kimya hugging Nyanya - A pretty old drawing, nevertheless one of my favorites. Kimya is giving Nyanya a big hug! :)
Thoughtful Kimya :) - Kimya, thoughtful.. she's a very lucky 'kat! she has a great family, lots of friends.. what else could anybody ask for? :)
Msondo as a meerkat :) - A drawing I made for Msondo based on a real life photo of him. To see the photo it is based on, please click here.
Msondo and Kimya - Msondo and Kimya, based on a real life picture of two meerkats. I have not been able to find the original photo, but I will post it here if I find it. For now, I hope you enjoy my version of it. :)
Kimya with a motorcycle helmet - A drawing for my friend Exuperio, who wanted to put it on his motorcycle helmet. :) I hope he likes it!
Kimya with a bunch of little meerkats! :) - A drawing that will probably end up in color as soon as I have some spare time. It's about Kimya with a lot of little meerkat kits! She's a good babysitter. :)
Msondo and Kimya with a little flower. :) - I made this drawing for the 200,000 hits. I enjoyed how the background turned out, and Msondo and Kimya look cute. I hope you enjoy it. :)

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