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I strongly apologize for not having updated for such a long time! Life has been crazy for me, and I have traveled a lot, accomplished a lot, had a lot of changes in my professional life... many things, but I am sorry that I wasn't able to update often. But I did draw a lot, and I will be uploading a lot more pictures soon. I just wanted to let you know that I am still alive, and I continue drawing! The update is small, but this is what you can find:

- The drawing on the main page, which is my third Zelda Goddesses drawing. :)

- A new Facebook page for the website! Please feel free to write and leave your comments! :)

I need to update a ton of stuff, but I just wanted to let you know that I am here. See you soon! :>


Alright, here I am with another update. :) These are the new drawings:

- The drawing on the main page, which is another Fullmetal Alchemist drawing. :)

- A Zelda pic from A Link to the Past, which is a game I don't tend to illustrate a lot... I don't know why, because it's an excellent game.

- A few guest Zelda and Lion King drawings made by Luc Derks and Iñaki. :)

- A new drawing of Irina in color. :)


New year, new updates! So here, lots of new drawings by friends and by yours truly. ;) Here they go:

- The drawing on the main page, which as you probably saw is Ed from Fullmetal Alchemist, and a wallpaper based on it.

- A new Zelda drawings that I made during the Holidays. :)

- A few Zelda/misc drawings made by some good friends (please check that page and the next one, there are lots!)

- A new drawing of Irina. :)

- A pretty weird drawing based on a song. :)

Enjoy! =)


Yay! Updating at 2am, like always. ;) Ok, I went through an HTML and file clean-up. Things should go smoother and some things have been corrected. Now more than ever, if there is anything that is not working correctly, please please let me know. :) There is still lots of things to do and clean up so that the site is more efficient, but I will take care of them little by little. What I care about the most is the actual content: the drawings! So here is what's new this time:

- The drawing on the main page, which is dedicated to three good friends from Pamplona.

- A pretty crazy drawing of Din, goddess of Hyrule.

- A few Zelda/misc drawings made by some good friends.

- A chibi drawing of Irina and Xu for the header of Irina's section. :)

- I also updated the links section. :)

I hope you like them! =)


Here I am with the next update. I've got LOTS of new drawings that some very nice people have drawn for me (thanks everybody) so there is a big update of the Lion King guest section (two pages), and one drawing (hehe) in the Zelda/misc guest section.

I also uploaded an old Irina drawing (I don't know why I hadn't uploaded it before -- it was hiding somewhere in my hard drive), a Kimya drawing, and a Mario drawing I made for some friends. I am working on several other color drawings, so you should see those soon. Hope you enjoy these for now! :)


I made a major revision on the HTML. The site needed it, and hopefully the guest-art section is easier to surf. I splitted it into two parts: one for The Lion King drawings, and one for Zelda/anime/others. If you spot any bugs, please let me know, I will be happy to fix them (or give them to the meerkats on the website, they will probably enjoy them).


Sorry for the delay, people! I have been traveling, and I have to admit that I had a lot of fun. :) But here I am with more drawings! These are the new pics: 

- The drawing on the main page which is dedicated to my friend Exuperio.

- A black and white drawing of Link which was intended for April Fool's day of some past year. ;)

- A few drawings by some good friends who drew some furry/meerkat art for me. :)

I am planning on including a new section with black and white line pictures so that they can be used as coloring pages. A few people have asked for this, and since I have all the black and white versions of my pics, nothing would be easier than posting them. :) Will be up soon, hopefully.

Also, I am getting Msondo to help me fix some little HTML bugs that are making the main page be hard to see in some browsers/resolutions. I will take care of that as soon as possible. :) That is all for now. Hope you enjoy the pics!


Excuse that this time I only have a couple of drawings, but here they are for those who say I don't draw too many meerkats anymore. ;) Here is what is new this time:

- The drawing on the main page which is a drawing dedicated to Msondo.

- Also a little drawing of Msondo and Kimya that might be colored in the future. :)

I hope you like them, I wait for your comments. I will upload more drawings soon, I have a few waiting to be finished. :)


What I did on this update: 

- Included, as always, the drawing on the main page and made some desktop wallpapers out of it.

- There is also a new little pic of Irina.

- Revised the links section. A couple of non-working links are gone, and included a link to my friend David Hueso's website.

- Added a little section so that you can leave comments. If you e-mailed me at kimya@meerkat.com I did not get it because the address has not worked for a while. Please resend any messages here.

Hope you like the pics. Enjoy and have a very happy holidays! :)


Well, here I am! The drawing on the main page was another experiment (I love those) but at least I hope you can recognize the character. ;) I made some desktop wallpapers out of it. We also got a pic on the Zelda section, another little pic of Irina, and a commision in the misc section. :) Whew, this time it was quick but I hope it was efficient. ;) Hope you like the drawings!


Oh yes. x) I could have uploaded this update a couple of weeks ago, but I was abducted by some bicycle pirates that took me to Puerto Pollo for a few days, and I did not have access to a laptop until we found some cybercafe today. And also because my router hates me, but the other story is probably a lot more interesting. ;) But anyway, here is the update. ;)

100,000 hits! I can't say thanks enough! And I hope the drawing on the main page didn't surprise you too much, and if it did, I hope it was in a good way. :)

We got that new drawing and another one on the Zelda section. :) I decided to take the poll away, not only because it wasn't working lately, but also because people were voting 200 times -- and that didn't give me a very accurate idea of what everybody wanted. x) So, if you want to see something special on the main page, just email me and let me know. :) I will get a new poll sometime soon, but I will try to program it myself and make sure it works. :)) Well, this is all for now, I hope you enjoy the pics. :)

(previous entries deleted for 56k-users' convenience ;)

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